How did I do?

Completed: 44

Okay… so the three years are up. I think I have achieved a lot in that time, but I guess in terms of the list the numbers don’t really stack up.

Major goals that I achieved:

2 Drive our car – which means taking driving lessons like an adult
6 Take part in the Project For Awesome every year (2014, 2015, 2016)
14 Get engaged and pick my bridesmaids
22 Revisit somewhere I once called home (Oxford, Lexie’s hen party)
40 Christmas at Milvers
43 Get my full driving licence
45 Visit all my siblings at their homes (Lizzy & Sylvy, Jack, Ben)
47 Change careers
56 See Roger Federer play in real life
57 Do something that scares me (getting back in a car after my accident)

I’m really proud of having changed so much in my life over the last three years.
Charpy and I got married – pretty amazing. We planned and created so much of our wedding, and it was incredible.
I changed careers completely and I think that I have got off to a pretty good start – already achieving targets and learning a lot. It was scary but I believe that I made a good choice, no matter how it turns out – taking a leap is a good thing.
I learned to drive – and I passed my test first time. I have written off a car since then, but… still counts. It was extremely difficult for me – I’m not a natural – but I persevered.

Some of the things I have or haven’t achieved are fun but trivial. This is fine! There’s room in my life for silliness. I’m not going to lose sleep over not painting eggs for Easter or building a snowman, but I might keep them for next time. We’ve been busy and had plenty of fun.

There are others which I would group under exploring or making the most of our local area which I haven’t achieved and wish I had. I do want to go outside more and make more of living somewhere so beautiful and interesting. I am disappointed that I haven’t visited any local museums in the three years, or been to Glastonbury or Lacock.

I would also say that my progress on the ‘family’ section has been patchy – I am pleased that I visited all of my siblings in their homes, and that we saw so much of Jack and Matt, and that I’ve spent time with Betsy and Lexie. However, I haven’t seen Nanny in years now and that is a shame. I think going out of my way to go out there to visit people is always hard for me and I have to push myself. I am glad that I visited Nanny and Grandad before they both passed away and that I went to Kathy’s funeral with my mum… by Armstrong family standards I’ve been really supportive.

I think that I’ve had an impressive three years and I want to keep achieving things in my life. I want to keep having fun and doing silly things as well. Luckily I don’t get too hung up on what I have or haven’t achieved from the list – I have a very full and happy life and I’m lucky to enjoy what I have.

Saying that… new list time!