Katie’s 101

End Date: 12 December 2016

Completed: 21
In Progress: 15

1 Jump in a river on a sunny day
2 Drive our car – which means taking driving lessons like an adult
3 Sight-see from an open top bus
4 Relax at the Thermae Bath Spa
5 Volunteer again
6 Take part in the Project For Awesome every year (2014, 2015, 2016)
7 Sign up at the library
8 Go to Lacock with the Parrishes
9 Drink all of the Avengers’ coffees (Thor, Iron Man)
10 Host a dinner party
11 Play a game of tennis
12 Toast some marshmallows
13 Picnic with all the trimmings
14 Get engaged and pick my bridesmaids
15 Buy something fanmade & super nerdy
16 Go running 5 times by myself and 5 times with Charny (5/2)
17 Spend 1 day off without technology – laptop, TV, phone, even my kindle
18 Build the best blanket snuggle-fort ever
19 Watch a sunrise and a sunset someplace incredible
20 Play mini golf and try to win
21 Write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved
22 Revisit somewhere I once called home (Oxford, Lexie’s hen party)
23 Donate 101 items to charity 
24 Bake somebody a birthday cake
25 Build a snowman
26 Host a barbecue (pre-Wedding evening)
27 Take Charnee on Mystery Holiday #1
28 Craft something lovely for myself and 4 others
29 Go strawberry picking
30 Swim in the sea
31 Go out all day wearing shorts… and feel self-confident
32 Go to a planetarium
33 Cut my hair shorter… way shorter
34 Donate blood (or at least try… even if it’s not quality enough)
35 Make an awesome outfit
36 Write a letter to myself to open after the 1001 days are up
37 Let’s go to the zoo
38 See an IMAX movie
39 Figure out how much money I have squirreled away
40 Christmas at Milvers
41 Make homemade bread
42 Teach myself yoga and have 20 practice sessions
43 Get my full driving licence
44 Try a new craft medium / skill
45 Visit all my siblings at their homes (Lizzy & Sylvy, Jack, Ben)
46 Go sightseeing in Clifton
47 Change careers
48 Finally watch right up to the end of Lost
49 See the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum
50 Have a scavenger hunt
51 Commemorate the list with something to keep
52 Make a science project
53 Paint the kitchen table
54 Watch a fireworks display
55 Fun day out at Glastonbury – Abbey & Rural Life Museum
56 See Roger Federer play in real life
57 Do something that scares me (getting back in a car after my accident)
58 Make a board game
59 Attend a convention
60 Make a box of lovely chocolates
61 Draw, paint, or write something I’m really happy with
62 Go ice skating
63 Leave 10 positive customer feedback comments
64 Grow a fruit or vegetable… anything edible (basil)
65 Accept the Price of Admission without nagging or conflict for a month
66 Go for a fancy afternoon tea
67 Translate some Latin>English and English>Latin
68  Read 30 worthwhile new books
69 Vote in an election after researching cohesively
70 Re-read 30 worthwhile old books 
71 Complete Zelda: Ocarina of Time
72 Visit both grandparents (N&G Clow, N Armstrong)
73 Go to the dentist
74 Give a fantastic speech at Jules’ wedding
75 Drink 15 types of gin (Campbell’s, Bombay, Gordon’s, Tanqueray, Edinburgh Raspberry, Bulldog, Mason’s Yorkshire Dry, Bath Gin)
76 Visit an otter sanctuary
77 Decorate eggs for Easter
78 Carve pumpkins for Halloween
79 Craft something super cute for our home
80 See a musical with Char
81 See 10 films that I think are too clever for me
82 Go on a long bike ride
83 Send 50 handwritten letters/cards (5+5)
84 See Betsy. Here or there!
85 Make a Whaley and Friends video
86 Get iTunes below 5000 songs
87 Surprise myself
88 See a comedy show
89 Climb Glastonbury Tor with Jules
90 Blog about every item I achieve on the list
91 Buy something properly vintage
92 Eat at 10 new places in Bath (Rosita’s, Dough, Apres-Ski Bar, Revs, Aqua, Cau, Jolly’s Tea Rooms, The Oven)
93 Attend Quaker meeting
94 Reach 10k achievement points on WoW
95 Fill up all our moneyboxes and spend the lot
96 See a fancy smart play
97 Send somebody flowers out of the blue
98 Go out for breakfast pancakes
99 Try 20 new foods or drinks (Baobab chocolate, chilled fruit soup, proper NYC hot dawwwwg, Christmas melon boat, spelt, khorasan)
100 Visit 3 local museums
101 Put £1 in Hitty Pig for every goal achieved


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