NYC achieves

Holiday to NYC was so fantastic! And of course we achieved some goals.

32: Go to a planetarium: actually we went to two – we saw a great space show at the Natural History Museum, and a mediocre one on the QM2. The first was obviously the most exciting – swooshing through the universe while Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s smooth voice tells you about the stars. Actually we also went to a talk about astronomy on the boat, so we’ve been learning all about space this holiday!

80: See a musical with Char: we saw a show on Broadway! Does it get better than that? We chose Book of Mormon and it was so good, funny all the way through, and damn catchy. Loved it.

88: See a comedy show: We got dragged to see a show while we were on the QM2 by our dinnertime table-mates, and the comedian was actually terrifically funny. Easy for us to laugh at jokes told mostly at the expense of the rather elderly audience, perhaps? Anyway, very funny, perhaps we should see more comedy.

98: Go out for breakfast pancakes: We went to IHOP and I ordered a 5-stack of pancakes. Trust me, you’re never hungry enough to east a 5-stack of American pancakes! So delicious though. With blueberry syrup 😛

Also I’m counting it as a half-success on 19: Watch a sunrise and a sunset someplace incredible. The sun going down in NYC isn’t exactly a beautiful sunset in the classic sense – you can’t see the sun once it gets behind the tall buildings – but the light fades out and the lights start popping up, and from our balcony we were watching the colours come up on the Empire State and the city change. Pretty great sunset, I would say!

Most important of all… we got engaged! I can’t cross it off yet as I still need to pick my bridesmaids, but it’s doubtlessly the biggest and most life-changing achievement on the list. So happy and excited.

Very successful holiday!

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