Catching up

I have been a bit bad and not blogged about everything I’ve achieved so far, so I’d better catch up.

So while we were on holiday… yes… weeks ago… I achieved quite a lot, and I did blog about some of it. But I also did a few small-fry sort of things:

30: Swim in the sea

Charny and I had a couple of great beach days – one after a bike ride with Will, my brother in law, where we mostly splashed around; one for a whole day with everybody, where about half of us braved actually swimming. Of course I went for it!

44: Try a new craft medium / skill

We taught ourselves how to loom band. Yep. I made one for Charny.

82: Go on a long bike ride

We cycled on the camel trail. Actually I was a little surprised to find myself still feeling uncertain on the bike – as someone who cycled to work (and everywhere else in town) for years, you’d think I’d be confident, but I had a pretty bad accident not too long before I moved away and stopped cycling. It’s still affecting me a little, as it turns out. I did have fun, but every now and again I would get The Fear. I put a brave face on it though, and I did enjoy myself. I think Charny did too.

Well, that catches us up on those!

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