10 Films I’ve Never Even Seen…

I’m supposed to be watching 50 new movies, and so far I’ve seen a very unimpressive… four. And today at work we were talking about how I haven’t seen most of the movies that people should have seen. And so, I am adding a caveat to goal number 66 – ten of the fifty movies I watch have to be the following:

1. Despicable Me
(Because everyone is always banging on about how adorable those minion things are)

2. The Shawshank Redemption
(Because it tops every single list of movies, ever)

3. It’s a Wonderful Life
(Because I feel like I’m missing out on some Christmas tradition)

4. The Sixth Sense
(Because, although I know how it ends, I feel like it’s too iconic not to have seen)

5. The Hulk
(Because, although I’ve heard it’s bad, it’s the missing piece in my Marvel back catalogue)

6.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
(Because the DVD I own has been watched by everyone else I know but me)

7. Footloose
(Because Kevin Bacon)

8. The Little Mermaid
(Because I’m lacking a bit in my Disney knowledge)

9. Four Weddings & A Funeral
(Because I honestly don’t know how I have got to age 26 and never seen this film)

10. Mulan
(Because Darren Criss loves it, so it must be good)


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