The New Year Reshuffle

After taking a minute or two to actually have a look at my 101 list, and realising that attempting to make all my Christmas presents this year made me want to rip my own face off, I have persuaded Katie to let me implement a new rule – the New Year reshuffle.

Every 1st January we will both be allowed to switch out 3 of our goals for 3 new ones. We don’t have to switch all 3, and we can change them to anything we want. And so, without further ado, I give you my reshuffle transfers:

Goal #1- Become Mrs Armstrong

This started out life as ‘Get a brand new bit of tech’, but I just can’t afford the Roomba I’ve always dreamed of. So I’ve swapped it out for something even more pricey… a wedding.

Goal #8 – Get 7,500 achievement points on World of Warcraft

This was the annoying Christmas present one. But not anymore!

Goal #62 – Drive a convertible around California

This goal was originally to paint a monopoly board on the lack table. I think I’m over that now, as fun as it would have been.

There has also been a bit of progress made on my non-swapped goals – we went to the Christmas market with Lexie, drunk a tonne of Christmas Starbucks drinks, and become the proud owner of National Parks Monopoly… with which I managed to finally beat Katie at!

I also spent my first Christmas (of many, I hope) with Katie. It was really great to have her there, especially as family times are always a bit argumentative and stressful.

Let’s hope 2015 brings lots more achieves!

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