The Beach, Sugarpova, and Much Much More…

#43 – Have a Fun Beach Day in Bude – COMPLETE

Without even knowing it, I’ve completed another goal. On the final day of our week-long holidays in Cornwall, we spent the afternoon picnicing and lounging around at Widemouth, along with our good friends Amy and Roo. We bought way too much food. SO MUCH CHEESE.

Amy being there also progressed the Amy-seeing from zero times to one whole time!

#49 – Take couple photos in a photobooth – COMPLETE

I totally forgot to blog about this achieve along with the Nadal one last month, but cute couple photos were taken, in Sharapova’s pop-up sweet shop in Wimbledon Village. Why does Sharapova have a sweet shop? No one knows.


And some progress:

#2 – Do five fun things in Bristol (1/5)
After the camp-fest that was Pride, we climbed all the way up Park Street to feed a starving Katie at Rocotillos American Diner. Poor little Katie, all hungry and feeble.

#25 – Get ACA Qualified
I scratched another two exams off the list on Friday, with Tax Compliance and Financial Management both passed. How on earth I got a 75 in FM I will never know. This means I am two exams away from Part Qualification and the joy of a pay rise. Bring it.

#89 – See Josie once a year (0/3)
I haven’t actually seen Jose yet (I saw her Mum, does that count?) but I am counting this as progress made due to the making of plans. Josie, Louise, Helena, and Myself will (touch wood) be meeting up August bank holiday weekend in Exeter for some catching up and probably some Fire House.

#96 – See Mom & Dad 5 times a year (2/14)
I sawwwww them! And Greggy’s new house.

And a change…

#40 – Have a blast at Coney Island is no more 😦

Due to scheduling conflicts, we won’t be able to visit Coney whilst we are in New York. BUT, we will be seeing Book of Mormon, which achieves the whole Broadway thing. Swings and roundabouts. Under new rules, agreed by Katie, I am allowed to change this goal, and henceforth it shall be know as…

#40 – Do Davina’s 50 minute work out 50 times (3/50)

I’ve already done three 15 minute cardio ones, which are destroyingly hard, and am going to throw a few core ones in there too. Hopefully by the end of the 50 I will be in a better shape to tackle a 5k. Only time will tell.


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