Driving Miss Charlotte

So while we were on holiday I also achieved one of the harder and more important things on my list:

2 Drive our car – which means taking driving lessons like an adult

I have been taking driving lessons for the past few weeks and while we were on hols, I drove our little Speckle around an airfield full of sheep. Of course, that’s not the end of the achievement – I fully intend to actually pass my test. The ultimate achievement would be to keep on plugging away at the lessons and get it done! Right now I am feeling positive about driving – I had a great lesson yesterday, and it is starting to come together, I think.

Driving a car round an emptyish airfield may not seem like it would be super hard – I didn’t exactly go full-on with the actual listing – but for me, I wasn’t going to start lessons until I was committed to see it through and get it done. The easy listing was there to encourage me to start on down the road. Now I have, I hope that by the end of the 101, I can say I’ve passed my test. It’s hard, it really is, but difficult things are difficult and that’s okay.

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