Podge Pride

So last weekend we went to Pride, and I finally achieved #31: Go out all day wearing shorts… and feel self-confident.

This may not seem difficult… or it may seem impossibly difficult. I do wear shorts from time to time in the summer, but always with tights or leggings. I just think there’s too much leg on display else, with my podgy knees and the weird baggy thing where my hips are too curvy then my waist is too small. I like these things about my body, but clothes do not like them.

Anyway, Pride was a hot day. A hot, hot day. And I figured we’d be lazing about in the park, so a skirt isn’t always a great idea if you don’t want to flash everyone (I really don’t). So… shorts. I think Pride was the perfect event – you’ve got drag queens, leather daddies, glittery twinks, butches. Everyone’s putting it all out there… sometimes in a clingy leather thong (not my favourite visual tbh, but at least he was confident).

I wore the shorts and I looked exceedingly dull by the standards of Pride. This was exactly what I wanted. And I wasn’t too hot!

The shorts-wearing floodgates were opened and I wore them plenty while we were on holiday. Just shorts… no tights! I wore the shorts cycling… I wore them on the beach… I wore them on a boat. Nobody commented on my legs or my knee-podge. It felt good!

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