The Legacy Goes On…

The last time I updated you on the comings and goings of my Legacy Sims was back in March. Three months on, a whole lot has happened. I’m now on legacy Sim #7, as follows:

1. Kennedy Legacy
2. Nora Legacy
3. Lucy Legacy
4. Stevie Legacy
5. Karma Legacy
6. Mocha Legacy
7. Satan Legacy

Yes, my seventh legacy Sim is called Satan. More on that later.

If you remember, Nora had twin daughters – Lucy and Stacey. Stacey was the athletic one of the two, and went on to achieve great success in the world of football, playing for Bridgeport FC, and later for SimNation in the World Cup (they didn’t make it out of the groups, but she was responsible for their only goal). Stacey married her long-term girlfriend Elvira, and had one adoptive son together – Pumpkin Spice Legacy.

Pumpkin Spice, during his time living with his cousin Stevie

Pumpkin Spice, during his time living with his cousin Stevie

I chose Lucy as the legacy sim, due to the cruel cruel rule that adoptive Sims can’t be legacy Sims. Lucy was on her way to Rockstar glory, when she tragically died at a pool party, aged 27. The circumstances of her passing are still a mystery to this day. She was in possession of some strange looking herbs though. Prior to Lucy’s untimely death, her husband Grant had left her for his secret boyfriend Ezra, with whom he raised their only daughter, Stevie.

Stevie, the next big thing?

Lucy, the next big thing?

Stevie Legacy. What can I say about her? Not a lot. I honestly can’t remember her very well. She spent some of her time living in the house her Grandmother Nora grew up in, still adorned with the sketches she once hung on the walls. Her cousin, Pumpkin Spice lodged with her for a while, before she hooked up with Brad Diaz one night, resulting in the birth of their son, Karma. But Stevie’s heart lay with another – Brandi. They got married at the Wedding Barn, surrounded by all their family, and spent the rest of their lives together, raising Karma.


Karma Legacy was always meant to work with children, and his daycare business prospered. All the parents were filled with nothing but praise for the care and attention he gave their children, sometimes going above and beyond the call of duty to become lifelong friends with them all. He married young, to his cousin Pumpkin Spice, which caused some controversy within the family. After the gossip had died down, they soon realised they were meant to be, and everyone was won round in the end. They had an adoptive daughter, who they named Star. After Pumpkin Spice left this world, Karma eventually found love again, with his ex-babysittee Eleanor. They had two sets of twins together – Mocha & Chai, followed by Frappuccino & Macchiato.

Karma, just days before the accident, holding Macchiato

Karma, holding Macchiato

Star Legacy was a bit of a wild-child. She grew up with a spray-paint can in her backpack, and soon mastered the street art skill, eventually being commissioned to create works around town, by the same town hall who had tried to prosecute her years earlier. Star is a very vocal young lady, and has aspirations to become the Senator of Sim Valley State. Star is one of only two legacy Sims (so far) who have attended university.

Star getting her politics on

Star getting her politics on

Sadly, Karma Legacy became paralysed in a freak meteor accident, after which Star volunteered to take Mocha and Chai with her when she left home. She became a substitute mother to them both, and helped them grow into the very differing personalities that they have since become.

Star met Maya at university, and they soon became inseparable. They soon married, and moved into their very own home together, now with teenage Mocha and Chai. They adopted a son together, named London. However, this is where our story takes a dark turn.

Mocha was born with the evil trait. She had always detested her Mother, Eleanor, as she believed that she had preferred the set of twins she had ‘kept’. Mocha started seeing similarities between Star’s wife Maya and Eleanor (similarities that weren’t really there) and started becoming obsessed with her. She dug a basement under the family home, and lured Maya down there, where she would be kept prisoner for the majority of her life. Mocha sent a text from Maya’s phone, breaking off their marriage, and explaining that she had found someone else. Originally planning to kill Maya, Mocha started developing feelings towards her, and they eventually fell in love. All of this happening feet below the very home where Star was mourning the ending of a marriage.

Maya's home

Maya’s home

Star eventually moved on, and after hooking up with the family maid, they eventually entered into a very happy open marriage.

Chai, unaware of her twin sister’s crimes, bought a small two-bed house and asked Mocha to move in, which she accepted. Mocha again dug a basement under the garden, and trapped Maya there. Chai, a struggling wannabe sports star, moved in a lodger – Laurence – with whom Mocha fell deeply in love. She used her charisma to win him round, and they soon had a baby together, very unexpectedly. When Maya noticed that Mocha was pregnant, she flew into a rage and tried to overpower her captor, ultimately failing. Mocha abandoned Maya in her basement, only returning one final time, just after the birth of her baby – a boy called Satan.

The months alone in the basement left Maya with plenty of time to plan her escape. She created a knife from some metal from Mocha’s crafting table, and lay in wait. On Mocha’s arrival, a fight ensued, during which Mocha’s explosive supply was set alight. A fire broke out, engulfing the basement, from which Maya managed to make her escape. Unfortunately, Mocha couldn’t make her way up the ladder, and was soon visited by the Grim Reaper.


After all the drama had settled, and the grief subsided, Maya starting growing closer to Chai, moving in together and raising Satan as their own. They are currently in the process of changing his name, and hope to keep his mother’s dark past hidden from him for as long as possible…

See my Legacy family tree here.


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