Game Nadal

So, very early on Monday morning – and I’m talking 5am – we were on a National Express coach to London. Why would we subject ourselves to this torture? WIMBLEDON.

The goal of this year’s trip to SW19 was to see Roger Federer. I’d spent ages analysing the possible permutations of the draw, and once the seedings were announced, we eventually picked on the first Tuesday. No Murray, and definite Federer. We were on it.

But them, after setting up our tent in Wimbledon park, and hanging out there waiting for HOURS for our queue cards, we were given the order of play for the Tuesday. Federer was playing! Yay! And on Court One, which we could definitely get tickets for. Perfect really. But then, the rest of Court One wasn’t good. Sharapova – most annoying tennis player alive – and some Canadian girl we’d never heard of. And then we looked at Centre Court… Lisicki, followed by Nadal, followed by Serena Williams. I love them all.

It was a difficult choice, but then I think we made the right one. Centre had such a good line-up, and it did mean I managed to achieve goal #13 – See Nadal win a tennis match. And it was a bloody good one. It did look like he might lose it for a while, but he clawed it back.

Rafa wins!

And yeah, I’m calling it a Katie/Char date.

The Federer dream continues…

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