I’m So Loan-Free

I’ve waited so long to be able to say this… I’ve paid off my bank loan!

Getting into debt was entirely my own fault. The 18 year old me didn’t care about money AT ALL. So, I did what any teenager would do in my circumstances – I got myself an overdraft. And one mad summer later, I had spent the lot. All £1,500 of it.

And so I graduated, and minus £1,500 had become my new zero. I counted a bank balance of -£500 as me having £1000 to spend. I guess I always thought that everything would be fine. I’d get a well-paid job at some point, and the overdraft would be gone. Just like that.

And yes, I did get myself a job. But training to be an Accountant wasn’t the goldmine I wanted it to be. All my salary was going on rent, and food, and kindles, and so -£1,500 remained my zero. But now, I was paying interest.

There came a point when I realised I was never going to pay the money back. I’m so bad at budgeting. I needed someone to take some of my money each month, and not give it back. So I took out a loan, and I paid off that overdraft. And I started getting myself out of the whole I had gotten myself in.

Over a year later, and I am now loan free, with a positive bank balance. I still have a little bit of credit card debt, and that massive student loan (but hey, that doesn’t count, right?), but I am feeling so great about things. I actually have money now. Actual money. I finally feel like I can make a start on saving for the big things I want in life. Holidays to dream destinations, a wedding, a house.

Bring it on 🙂

Charlotte x

One thought on “I’m So Loan-Free

  1. I’m so proud of you sweetie! I think you have changed a lot, no? You decided to fix it and you DID IT. I know it hasn’t been easy, but now your money can be for present you or future you, so you can actually look forward to spending it! And we can save together for the things we want out of life. I knew you could do it and you DID!

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