Live together, die alone

We finished another item off my list:

48. Finally watch right up to the end of Lost.

It’s taken me 10 years to watch 119 episodes. It was worth it though! Char loves Lost so that got me through the difficult bits… the season of people being stuck in cages for episode after episode… the time I didn’t think we were ever going to get a single straight answer… the time everyone kept coming back from the dead…

I’m putting it out there – I really enjoyed the finale. Yes! It’s true. I was prepared for it to not necessarily answer every question in detail, so that probably helped. I think it was just so emotionally satisfying as a farewell to the characters, I was able to enjoy it. I’ll take an entertaining episode over one stuffed with exposition, I guess. The show seemed to go off the deep end into crazyville in the last couple of seasons anyway – mystical light and all.

Anyway it feels good to have stuck with it this time. I’ve tried to rewatch it all a few times before, but there’s just so much; at some point you get kind of stuck and it’s hard to find motivation to slog through the bad patch.

Much like the Losties… I had unfinished business. Now I can finally move on.

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