Mopping it up

First (although arguably easiest) goal achieved – I bought a mop. It only took a year.

I’ve yet to actually do any mopping, but at least I now have the option…


I’ve also opened a new savings account especially for goal #101, which is the home of a shiny £1 coin.

I’ve been making some other progress too. I went to see my Mom & Dad last weekend (I left them some surprise Easter presents hidden away), and I drank the first of my 50 Starbuckses.

We’ve also started planning a trip to Manchester for our anniversary in the summer. I got hold of 2 tickets to the Coronation Street set tour (they are selling out surprisingly quickly) and have been looking at hotels. So that’s definitely on.

Progress has slowed on the Sims 3 Legacy – I just don’t have time at the moment – but I won’t give up!

Katie & I both have the day off today, and it’s fairly nice weather, so I’m sure we’ll get out and about. Who knows what we might achieve…

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