Whatever you imagine…

What did Katie do with her days off?

She crossed something off her list!

#7 Sign up at the library

We’ve lived in Bath for over a year. I love to read. I work in town. …And I still hadn’t joined the library. It’s above Waitrose – I’ve been metres away plenty of times and never headed inside to pick up a book. Scandalous!

When I say that I love books, I mean that I really, truly love books. I spent my youth reading under the table in class, reading walking along the street (pesky lamp-posts), and reading secretly after I’d been put to bed. As a child, I once burnt one of my teddy bears by using it to dim my bedside lamp so that I could read through the night undetected. I still have a rage burning in me for the time that a teacher illegitimately confiscated a book from me – I was walking upstairs, reading, in the boarding house, after school hours (our home. My home. Only housemistresses – our stand-in parents – have jurisdiction there). Of course, I didn’t stand for it. Take my book, would she? I brought down the full weight of the school rulebook on her. Justice was served… and I got to finish my story.

I’d love to show you our school library. So many cosy nooks to read in.

Bath library is perfectly adequate. It’s not the library of my dreams – if you’ve never seen The Pagemaster and you love books, you really must find a copy. Christopher Lloyd as an eccentric librarian presiding over a dangerous maze of marvelous books! Imagination bringing adventure to life! The endless possibilities within a collection of books chosen by other people!

The last is true of any library, don’t you think? It opens you to reading a book you would never come across normally.

I have a tendency to have exactly six books on loan at a time. They all have to be different – I like a proper mix – and to pick some oddballs from the recommended reading tables, as well as some I know I’ll like. Here is my stack this time:

Rather thrilling. I love reading on my kindle, but a stack of physical books has an excitement all of its own.

Of course, this also opens the door to achieving two more things on my list:
#68: Read 30 new books
#70: Re-read 30 old books
I could do that in no time at all – but I want the books I choose to be properly worthwhile. I intend to count in both instances only books that truly made – or make – an impression on me, that engage me and make me feel, or learn, or experience. Books that I have to tear myself away from, that keep me up until the small hours, that I am proud to have read. I don’t mean in an ‘I survived reading War and Peace’ way – I will happily and unashamedly love some real entertaining light reading. Books that make you laugh definitely deserve a place on the list.

Well, off to bed now… with a good book or six to keep me company.

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