Studying and Working

After my little breakdown last week, I thought I’d compose a little post about how I am working towards achieving arguably the hardest goal on my 101 list – get ACA qualified.

If you don’t know, ACA is the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales’ accountancy qualification. It’s what you need to be a ‘proper’ chartered accountant. And it takes some doing. Bearing in mind that I have done a Maths degree, I would say these exams are the hardest I have ever sat. And I’m not even anywhere near my finals yet.

One of the hardest parts about the whole process is being away from home so much. I am completing my training at Reed Business School in a little village in the Cotswolds. It looks like this:

Reed Business School

It’s really great here, with an open fire and a croquet lawn, oh and a swimming pool…

Reed Business School Swimming Pool

… but it isn’t home. I miss everything about our little flat in Bath when I’m here. The people on my course, who I share a house with every time I’m up here, are really great. Everyone is so supportive of each other. But no one is a Katie 😦

I also struggle to find the motivation and time to get much studying done once I’m back home. I guess that being at work for 10 hours a day does that to a person. I have always been a last minute crammer anyway, so hopefully that strategy will keep paying off.

I’m studying Financial Management at the moment, alongside a Tax module. Tax isn’t so bad – I actually quite like it – but FM is taking some getting used to. I have some major revision to do over the next 6 weeks, before I return for the revision course. Oh, and did I mention I have to sit a law exam in a couple of weeks’ time too? It’s never ending.

I can do it though 🙂 I will do it. And then I will never have to sit and exam again!


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