The Next Generation

As I mentioned previously, I’m currently working my way through a  Sims 3 Legacy Challenge. My family’s founding Sim, Kennedy, has now since passed on to a better place, and is survived in this challenge by her youngest daughter, Nora.

Sims 3 University

Playing with Kennedy and her family has made me re-evaluate what I want to get out of this challenge. Originally I was sticking to the rules exactly, but I have since amended them just a little bit to make it more realistic, and more enjoyable. And after all, what’s the point if it isn’t fun?

So, I’m allowing her daughter to leave the family home and get a place of her own. She’s just tied the knot with her long-term boyfriend Daniel, who she met at University. They are both Fine Arts graduates – giving her a kick start in the culinary career track. You see, Nora dreams of reaching the highest level possible in her career as a professional chef, and will stop at nothing to get there.  But maybe her newborn twins, Lucy and Stacey, will change her priorities?

I’m finding that having the legacy Sim be a girl is making achieving their lifetime wish a little bit harder. You see, once you have a baby, the game insists on giving you SO MUCH MATERNITY LEAVE. You can’t choose to have a stay-at-home Dad, oh no. And what with every Thursday being a bank holiday for some variation on Christmas or Valentines Day, there really isn’t a lot of time to get up the career ladder. Thankfully, Kennedy achieved her dream of becoming an astronaut, and landed on the moon. She was 70 at the time, which was a little close for comfort.


I’ve decided that making my legacy Sim reach their lifetime ambition is a very important part of the challenge. I will get there with all of them, even if it kills me. Which it might.

Kennedy’s other daughter, Venus, is a vampire. Originally, I had planned for her to take the lead as the second generation legacy Sim, but then I realised that turning into a vamp probably violated the spirit of the challenge. It would be way too easy to reach the top of a career path with hundreds of days in which to do it. Plus, vampire children learn skills so quickly that it scares me. So I cast her aside, along with her glowy-eyed vampire son, Stefan. They can forge their own destiny now.

Vampire Sims 3

Kennedy led a turbulent life – Venus and Nora have different fathers, and that’s just the start – but Nora seems much more settled and content than her mother ever did. And as for which of her twins will continue the legacy and be the third generation Sim, only time will tell.



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