In which I am both vague and specific

Because I’m being a grumpy cat this evening thanks to Vodafone customer services, I didn’t think I was in the mood to blog about my days off. I’ve decided, though, that it’s very much in the spirit of the 101 in 1001 to remind myself that I’ve had a perfectly pleasant and fulfilling couple of days. The sun has been out and so have I – out into town and doing things around the house. Tidying! Cleaning! SORTING THINGS!

And I progressed on the list!

I did have a fleeting thought that I might try #17 (Spend 1 day off without technology – laptop, TV, phone, even my kindle)… very fleeting – I can’t do it while Char’s at Reed! I just can’t. Skype, for starters. But also, I need to fill my time with something joyful – at least if I know she’s coming home at 6 and I have that to look forward to, I won’t go stir crazy. I actually think I can do it – but how many tries it takes will depend on how each attempt progresses throughout the day. I have this constant need for over-stimulation – have the TV on, and my laptop, and a book, and still get up and pootle about a lot so that EVERY SECOND IS FILLED ALL THE TIME FOREVER OH GOD SOMETHING DULL THE MONOTONY OF STILLNESS

Okay Katie. Breathe.

And that’s why yoga’s on the list.

I did make progress on 6 things. Actually, I may make a proper post about each thing over the next few days. After all, #90 (Blog about every item I achieve on the list)…

For now, Char, you can guess if you like.

I’m quite cheered up now. Thankyou for listening, blog.

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