Planning NYC

I’ve spent the majority of today, as I do every day it seems, planning for our trip to New York City. We are heading over to my favourite place in all the world in September, and spending a week staying in a ridiculously cute penthouse apartment in Midtown. It has a private terrace, with a mind-blowing view of the Empire State Building. I’m more than a little excited.

Empire State BuildingSource:


I’ve been to New York three times before – but never with Katie, and never for this length of time. I feel like I know the city pretty well by now, and I want to make sure Katie sees all of the fantastic things it has to offer. I also want to pretend I live there…

There are a few things I haven’t had the chance to experience yet, and I am going to make sure I squeeze them in.

Firstly, Coney Island. I guess because it takes just under an hour to get out there from Manhattan on the subway, I’ve never made the trip before. But the iconicness of it is pulling me in like a moth to a flame. Will I take one look at The Cyclone and vow never to set foot on it? Probably. Will I chicken out and ride a white car on the Wonder Wheel? Definitely. But I might just be persuaded to eat a Nathan’s famous hot dog.

Coney Island CycloneSource:

I’ve got a confession. I’ve been to New York three times, and never been to the Met… or the Natural History Museum. I know, I’m appalling. This time I am going to do both. I am really excited to try and get up to the Cloisters too, which is included in the entry price for the Met gallery.

I love the Village, and the NYU campus and Washington Square is one of my favourite places to hang out. I can imagine myself in another life studying there. But it doesn’t have the stereotypical American College look that springs to mind when I think of Ivy League colleges like Yale or Harvard. So I also want to go up town and pay a visit to the Columbia campus. Come on, what University in the UK looks anything near as impressive as this:

Columbia UniversitySource:

We are also going to try and get out of the city for a day, and spend it exploring some of what up-state New York has to offer. The current holder of our affections seems to be the cute little town of Cold Spring. It screams quaint, with little antique shops, ice cream parlours, and stunning views of the Hudson river. If we were staying longer, I would also love to take a quick trip up to Philadelphia (I want to do all the things!), or even down to Washington DC. Maybe next time? Because there will always be one.

Confession number two – I’ve never seen a show on Broadway. We both really want to see Book of Mormon, so that’s going to be our big splurge of the week. And I’m thinking a spot of pre-theatre food and entertainment at Ellen’s Stardust Diner.

Most of all though, I just want to soak up the Manhattan atmosphere. I want to get lost in the ramble. I want to drink frappucinos and eat pretzels (damn the gluten) and amble around looking up at all the tall buildings. I want to sit on our terrace eating dinner and watch the sun set on the Manhattan skyline.

Only 6 months to go…

Charlotte x



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